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What Is Therapy Hangover? And How to Deal with It

You may not know about this but yes it is totally real, you might experience a therapy hangover. Now what this signifies and how to deal with it? Follow our suggestions to recover from the discomfort in the following.

What people usually complain regarding therapy hangover?

It is exactly like how you imagined it to be. After your therapy, you might get extremely weary that all you wanted to do is just meltdown snuggling on your blanket. What you feel is indeed uncomfortable especially when you do not get the chance to actually indulge in the comfort zone you wanted to be. Therefore, it is best for you to arrange the therapy appointment on your days off. This is because the post-therapy feelings can be undoubtedly nasty.

The uneasiness you experience might also affect you to be emotionally drained. A temporal change of mental state such as feeling blue in a sudden and the need to withdraw have commonly occurred to therapy patients too.

Is it normal to feel this kind of exhaustion post-therapy?

Surprisingly, a therapy hangover is a normal occurrence. Mixed emotions people have been experiencing after their treatment can control their physical condition at some point. It is a rule of thumb that what goes on to the head will certainly bring about certain impacts to the body. Thus, when one is anxious and even depressed, physical reactions like muscular tightness, stomach pains, and tiredness could come afterward as a result.

It is best to note, however, that enduring from exhaustion post-therapy is greatly different from suffering from severe worry. Once you undergo the latter phase due to the consulting session, please speak to your doctor regarding your concerns as soon as possible. You have the right to halt the process instantly. You might also work with another therapist of your pick for the sake of your contentment.

How to deal with Therapy Hangover

Isn’t it weird that emotional wreck signals that the therapy progress runs smoothly? The affliction can be quite bothering and you question how to get rid of this intense feeling. There are numerous ways you can try in order to escape from the distress.

Food Therapy Works

Rely on the food you love! This is the right choice for those of you who just enjoy eating practically anything. The degree of happiness one perceives with as simple as meals can also be an antidote for your apprehension.

Finding the Perfect Time

People can develop diverse reactions post-therapy despite the fact that therapy hangovers might not always take place. However, scheduling your therapy sessions in your free time can give you the flexibility you need in the worst scenario.

Be Mindful of What the State of Mind You Are in At the Moment

Noticing the feeling can come in handy to get yourself back at ease. Attempt mindfulness and focus on how to identify those feelings. Position yourself properly to breathe in full consciousness. Bring to mind that your jumbling mind is not a reality you are facing today. Set an internal notion that you accept the side effect but then you choose to concentrate on your purpose doing the therapy constantly.

The cathartic effect from jotting your feeling down on a private journal

Venting your wrath by portraying it on a writing medium can hurl your frustration. It does not have to make any sense; you can just pour down all your worries for yourself. Scribble your sentiment as soon as your therapy treatment is complete or when you have got some spare time. It can be very beneficial by the time you are checking on the progress you have made as well as a medium of reflection to understand yourself better. Set a way of thinking that each time you are draining, it is also a sign which is leading you towards a goal you would like to gain ahead of times.

This can be another alternative, but try to visualize how grateful you are for being able to attend every therapy session successfully too. By allowing yourself to see good things in everything, you are developing a kind of resilience you need to carefully prepare for the uphill battle in the near future.

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