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About Prime Plus

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Prime Plus Medical was established as a response to the growing demand of urgent care centers which have been proven to be a perfect option for convenient and affordable medical care for various cases of non-critical conditions. One of the key qualities of an urgent care center is that it operates 24/7. The facility also aims to consistently have the capability to see patients immediately. These qualities have simply made urgent care centers a popular option to accommodate patients in most countries worldwide.

Given that Bali is an exotic destination, many patients happen to be tourists or part-time residents of the busy southern part of the resort island where we happen to be based. Prime Plus Medical takes pleasure in its role of providing medical care for patients who are looking for local doctors or simply could not manage to schedule appointments for their medical care needs beforehand.

As most urgent care centers, Prime Plus Medical commits to deliver an extensive range of services which include routine blood work, physical check-ups, dental care, IV vitamin therapy and more. As an urgent care center, we provide an affordable and convenient solution for patients who are in need for treatments for non-critical conditions such as found in cases of broken bones, asthma, respiratory infections and more. When it is considered necessary, our doctors would direct patients to local hospitals and/or prescribe follow-up care. Therefore, our patients have no reason to worry whether they came to the right place as our experienced team of professionals guarantee to provide clear information during the consultations and ensure that our patients will be accommodated with all medical attention as required for each specific case.



PRIME PLUS MEDICAL are  a  stand-alone facility  devoted  to providing exceptional medical  services. We bridge the gap between ERs and private practices. Open 24 hours for all your medical needs. We believe in providing the best care and experience for every patient we treat.

We focus on providing excellent emergency medical care and services

We are open 24/7, ready to take care of a wide range of various non-critical medical conditions

We accommodate patients’ medical needs that fall right between category of medical services  provided by ERs and private practices

Our vision is to be recognized within the communities we serve as the preferred destination for patients seeking emergency medical care


Meet our Medical Doctor

Our experienced doctors offers a board range of integrated health service to provide the best experience

Drg. Sharon
Dr. Novie
Dr. Ayumi
Dr. Bayu
Dr. Surya
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