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Looking After Your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic

This pandemic along with all the changes in our daily life have been mentally exhausting for all of us on different levels. As we work hard to stay physically healthy, it is quite easy to accidentally ignore the seemingly little everyday things and habits that can cause significant effects on our mental health. In this article, we have listed several things that you might want to be more mindful of during this stressful time.

Limit the news

It is totally normal that you intend to stay updated with the news related to this new Coronavirus. However, keep in mind that depending on your level of anxiety, it is important to limit the amount of time you spend watching or reading and later on processing all that information. Try to acknowledge how you feel, and consciously set your own time limit per day which gives you the chance to stay informed while at the same time protecting your mind from all the extra stress that you obviously don’t need.

Reliable sources only!

Given the fact that there is a lot of misleading information going around, make sure to only get your information from reliable sources. No one should be wasting their precious energy and positivity on frightening fake news.

For global updates you can browse through articles published by the World Health Organization and other credible international organizations as well as news portals. For local or national updates, it is best follow those published by the government on official sites such as for the national updates and statistics throughout Indonesia, for Bali, and for the city of Denpasar.

Not everything is canceled

Just because you are staying at home does not mean that your daily routine and discipline should be thrown out of the window. As cliché as it might sound, it is highly essential to focus on the things that we can control. That one includes looking after yourself in the simplest ways such as taking care of your personal hygiene even you’re not leaving your home or meeting anyone. Furthermore, remember that not everything is canceled. If staying (and/or working) at home has given you spare time, you can choose to engage more often in positive activities that have a good impact on your body and mind, such as enjoying some time in the sun, meditating, or exercising.

Stay connected with the ones you care about

Staying at home whether for self-isolation or quarantine can become very lonely. As we have been in this pandemic for quite a while now, staying digitally connected with your loved ones can provide a great deal of support, comfort, and the feeling that we are indeed in this together. Simply checking in with one another can make a whole difference while facing today’s challenges.

Stay hopeful

Mental health therapists have stated that gratefulness reduces stress and promotes resilience. Thus, we are urged to focus on the positive which makes staying hopeful a whole lot easier too. Remember that this situation is only temporary.


We sincerely hope that you are actively looking after your mental health and being as kind and understanding to yourself as you need to be. However, if you feel like you are experiencing a level of stress that interferes with your daily activities for several days in a row, please call your healthcare provider.

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