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Doctor Home Visit Trend During Corona Outbreak

In the US, the sector of doctor home visit becomes rapidly growing as its demand is driven by the pandemic. More patients have come to their realization about the benefits of home visit, especially in this difficult time.

Reverting to the year 2020, travel bans must be forced on all overseas travel to prevent the spread of the virus since it first started to viral in the origin of Wuhan, central China. The hazard has screamed panic worldwide and affected every corner of the globe and life aspect. We practice wearing a mask daily, apply hand sanitizer frequently, limit our trip to go only for grocery shopping, and maintain a secure range of distance in public places.

The pandemic sent all individuals and communities isolated in the confinement of their homes from the early 2020s until the present day. We are distraught reading those countless headlines of the news reporting the number of lives was befallen in sick. People experience the trauma and fear of getting ill and are overly cautious for physical contact or even go to the doctor. Numerous people even shun hospitals claiming that they might catch the virus. Let alone their thinking about the notoriety of hospitals full of COVID persons and how easy nowadays for everyone to suspect one another having the symptoms of COVID-19.

Covid-19 Updates

Cited from on March 8, Indonesia has been ranked 18 among 210 countries infected the most by the virus. In total, it has reached 1.379.662 subjects, and 1.194.656 people recovered. As time passes by, the active cases of Covid-19 have lowered down, and we are grateful for that. The vaccination is currently in progress for distribution. At this point, the focused targets are working in government public offices and health care personnel. We are practically living among the virus, so it will be wise to have the vaccine as soon as possible if you wish everything can go back to normal sooner.

The Urgency of Doctor Home Visit

You cannot let your health priority move to the second rank. It has always been primary. We are talking about those with chronic symptoms. Even though the vaccine is on distribution, people are staying out of clinics or hospitals to receive their regular treatment remains. The worst-case that we would like to evade for the chronic patients is that the disease may deteriorate their bodies faster.

Sadly, the drastic emotional change of patients deferring their regular disease treatment is not the only matter that we are concerned about. The healthcare system also experiences an alteration that might prevent the patients from getting their required handling. The urgencies that we need to figure out shortly are the unavailability of medical needs and patients’ anxiety going to the hospital for the dread of contracting COVID-19 combined. If they miss their treatment, it will be overwhelming to notice a spike of chronic cases in the forthcoming term.

Doctor Home Visit – Prime Plus Medical

Our doctor home visit service will ease up the multiple processes that a patient has to go through. The commute to the hospitals or clinics is also a burden to those with disabilities and chronic issues. Needless to say, Prime Plus Medical’s doctor home visit is an effortless method of medical aid provision to these patients desiring accessible treatment from the comfort of their beds and residences.

Aside from its efficiency, this method allows the patients to feel secure. At the same time, they can keep up with their regular treatment. They will concentrate more on recovering from their chronic diseases instead of the fear of facing COVID-19. The benefit of doctor home visits is its efficiency. The patients no longer have to wait for the doctor to get their required care.

We understand your concerns. Therefore, we will give our best shot to treat any diseases and support your health maintenance and emergency. Our service also includes 24/7 home medical service with our board-licensed doctors. Trust us to attend to your medical needs.  Visit our website Prime Plus Medical or might you have any further details regarding our services, do not hesitate to call us at +623614740055 or email us at [email protected].

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