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Staying Safe While Traveling during the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s been a while now since we have started living in the new normal era. While many activities are currently still on hold just as they were during the initial months of the Coronavirus outbreak, some activities such as traveling, especially domestically, have become much easier to do these days.

Whether it is for business or pleasure, when traveling during the pandemic, we all need to entirely adjust ourselves to the new normal habits revolving around our travels too. And there is definitely more to it than just taking the rapid test or PCR swab test as one of the requirements to travel. But don’t worry! Making wise and safe choices won’t become a buzzkill to your trip! After all, your safety comes first! Here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while traveling during the pandemic.


1. Choose the safest mode of travel 

Experts have stated that driving your car is currently the safest way to travel as it significantly limits your interaction with other people. At the same time, the standards and regulations of The International Air Transport Association regarding air circulation and HEPA filters on the aircraft ensure a lower possibility of airborne transmission when compared to other confined spaces. Thus, flying can be relatively safe too, as long as the airline does not fill all seats allowing proper distancing. Of course, you should keep your mask on at all times, and avoid leaving your seat unless completely necessary. It would be best to grab a bite before boarding the plane if you are traveling for a relatively short flight. If you are traveling for long hours and need to eat and drink while on the plane, make sure that you look around and only take your mask off to eat and drink when other passengers around you are not doing the same thing.


2. Don’t forget your new normal carry essentials

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia has been actively spreading awareness related to the new normal health protocols, including about the items you need to carry with you at all times. The same rules apply when you are traveling! Don’t forget your alcohol-based hand sanitizer, antiseptic wet wipes, tissues, reusable water bottle, and cutlery. Also, make sure that you bring an extra cloth face mask in your handbag in case you need one after wearing the previous one for four hours, or in case it gets damp. For extra safety, in case you are sitting less than 1 meter from the next passenger, you can opt to wear a face shield too.


3. Go cashless!

Throughout your trip, it is always the safest to go cashless! There are so many options that you can utilize to make sure that you barely ever have to touch money and still get everything paid. Opting for cashless transactions is one of the most effective ways to reduce the possibility of transmission through contaminated objects. Plus, you also get to enjoy all the perks such as special deals and discounts!


4. Follow the health protocols

It is easy to get a little carried away during a vacation, moreover if the aim of this vacay was indeed to get away from reality for a little bit! While we can all relate to that, it is still a must to follow the COVID-19 health protocols at all times. No matter how tempting it is to simply break away, remember that it is not worth the risk. Therefore, always plan to avoid crowded places, social events, or indoor places that are not properly ventilated. Try to stick with outdoor venues and/or activities that are also quiet enough to allow proper physical distancing.


Ready to go? Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

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