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Healthy in Bali

Travel Clinic in Canggu: 6 Best Way to Keep Healthy During Traveling to Bali

Bali is one of the world’s tourist-friendly destinations. When you came to Bali, there is many tourist destinations and hidden gems that you must see on this Island of the Gods.

Public facilities in Bali already meet international standards making it easier for travelers. Even so, you must be careful when visiting Bali, especially for health matters.

Some islands in Indonesia can still endanger your health. Bali is located in Indonesia, so you have to prepare yourself to stay healthy in Bali. One of the health problems that often afflict travelers in Bali is Bali Belly.

Bali Belly is a digestive disease. Usually, travelers who are attacked by Bali Belly will experience abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and even fever. Besides, problems can come from anywhere, such as sunburn, bad tattoos, hot weather, hot sun, insects and animals in Bali. Fortunately, to keep healthy while traveling in Bali, most of these problems can be avoided.

Follow the Tips Below to Stay Healthy While Traveling in Bali

Never Drink from Tap Water

The first thing you should avoid is drinking from tap water.

The quality of tap water in Bali is uncertain. Typically, tap water in Bali comes from groundwater that is taken without the sterilization process.

To avoid Bali Belly, you should drink gallon water or sterile bottled water.

If you want to add ice to your drink, choose sealed ice cubes that are sold in many convenience stores.

Always try to bring clean water, because the weather in Bali tends to be sunny and hot: heatstrokes can happen to you if you don’t bring water when you leave the room.

Don’t Eat Carelessly

If you want to taste typical Balinese food, visit the middle to top restaurant. Middle to top restaurants is very safe for tourists. Or be careful when eating at unknown restaurants.

Choose a place to eat that is visited by foreign tourists; this shows the food in the place is good quality, fresh and in good reputation. Customers will not return to restaurants with poor hygiene.

Make sure you wash your hands regularly, to get rid of viruses and bacteria that cause diarrhoea that may accidentally stick to you.

Always bring antiseptic hand sanitizers for this purpose, because you will not find soap in every bathroom in Bali.

Avoid Local Alcoholic Beverages

Bali has a strong and intoxicating local alcoholic beverage. This drink is called Arak. This distilled rice wine is available around Bali.

You can buy Arak Bali at most grocery stores in Bali. But, you must be careful, the alcohol content is robust and can interfere with your health.

If you want to taste it, you should buy this item at official stores, such as souvenir shops at the airport area. Now, the local government conducts strict supervision of Bali Arak products.

As much as possible, avoid excessive consumption of Arak, for a smooth and pleasant vacation.

Avoid Doubtful Tattoo Shops

Getting a tattoo in Bali might be a traveller’s pride. But you must be careful when choosing a tattoo shop.

Tattoo safety standards may not apply in some tattoo shops in Bali. Tattooing the body is hazardous without sterile ethical standards.

Before getting a tattoo in Bali, make sure the tattoo shop you choose meets specific standard requirements. Like a tattoo shop, it must have an autoclave to sterilize tattoo needles and tools used for tattooing.

Wear Sunblock and Anti-Insect Lotion

Don’t let the blazing sunstroke ruin your holiday in Bali Apply a high SPF sunscreen (sun protection factor) that is not lower than 40.

Scorching weather can cause heatstrokes for you, try to minimize the time you spend outdoors.

At the same time, avoid standing in direct sunlight at 10 am and 3 pm, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

Look for shelter where the sun is not reflected from water or sand because ultraviolet radiation can still occur from reflections on the surface of the water.

Bali has a tropical climate, so there will be many insects that you will encounter on this island.

Sometimes, insect bites like mosquitoes can cause serious illness. Use insect repellent to protect your body from insect bites.

Find the nearest travel clinic in Bali

Although many things can be a problem in Bali, the medical infrastructure in Bali is very advanced. Medical facilities in Bali are complete, such as ambulances, 24-hour doctor on call, multilingual staff, and emergency facilities that can be used whenever you need.

If you are in Canggu area, choose the best medical treatment for you. There are various clinics to choose from, preferably providing care for travellers.

Choose a trusted travel clinic in Bali, has complete facilities, and international standards such as Prime Plus Medical.



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