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The First Needle-Free Covid-19 Vaccine in the World

Speaking of Covid-19 updates, one of the most significant highlights is that China has recently approved the first inhaled Covid-19 vaccine in the world in early September.

Throughout the pandemic, most of us have learned to adapt to the fact that certain things have been changing quite quickly.

Whether talking about restrictions, statistics, or breakthroughs in science or technology, Covid-19-related updates have made us hold our breath while waiting for the cue that life will finally return to normal.

Though our home island, Bali, does indeed not have much to do with this new inhaled vaccine, for now, we all must share some curiosity and excitement (especially if you’re scared of needles!) about this one, regardless of where we are in this world.

What is the inhaled vaccine called & where is it from?

The newly approved vaccine is called Convidecia Air and is made by CanSino Biologics (CanSinBIO) based in Tianjin, China. Convidecia Air is not the first Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by CanSino Biologics.

What does the WHO say about this vaccine?

The World Health Organization has validated Convidecia as the 11th vaccine for Covid-19.

How is the inhaled vaccine used?

Convidecia Air is inhaled through the mouth in the form of a fine mist. The National Medical Products Administration of China has approved CanSino’s inhaled vaccine to be used as a booster dose.

How does the inhaled vaccine work?

Not different from the regular injectable Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by CanSino Biologics, Convidecia Air also uses pieces of genetic material transported by a harmless virus called an adenovirus, which prompts an immune response against Covid-19. CanSino Biologics says that Convidecia Air protects just one breath.

Is CanSino Biologics the only company that has worked on an inhaled vaccine?

CanSino Biologics was definitely not the only one working on a needle-free vaccine. The World Health Organization stated that over one hundred oral or nasal vaccines are currently being developed in different countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, and India. And after we heard the big news from China, India soon became the first country to approve a nasal vaccine for Covid-19. But that is a story for another time.

Aside from being needle-free, why do scientists work on inhaled Covid-19 vaccines?

According to an article published in Live Science, scientists hope that an inhaled vaccine can prepare the immune cells of the mucous membranes in the nose and mouth. With increased immunity in those mucous membranes, even the spread of mild cases of Covid-19 could be prevented as the virus would be killed as soon as it enters the body.

Any word about providing needle-free vaccines in Indonesia?

For the time being, there has been no information about Indonesia going in that direction. So, if you currently live on the island of Bali, it is still unclear whether you can get a needle-free booster vaccine anytime soon.


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