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Six Golden Rules for a Healthier Eid Holiday

During the month of Ramadan, fasting leads Muslims to embrace a disciplined eating schedule. It is also often accompanied by better practices of mindful eating. However, as Ramadan comes to an end and the festivities of Eid arrive, it is unfortunately quite common that healthy habits we implemented throughout the fasting month suddenly go out the window. Does that sound familiar?

Well, while there is certainly nothing wrong with indulging yourself in the mouthwatering Eid specialty dishes and treats during these festive days. Every dietitian would agree that it’s crucial not to get carried away. We have listed the following golden rules that every celebrating Muslim should keep in mind. The purpose is to help you arrange smart choices for a healthier, and therefore happier, Eid holiday!

Steer clear from carbonated and sweetened drinks! 

Yes, Eid is only once a year, but is it really a good excuse to serve and consume fizzy or drinks with high sugar content? Besides, with the holiday vibes lingering for days, you may end up falling into a new harmful habit as your careless routine of consuming sugar that comes with these beverages! Thus, instead of going for these empty calories, try sticking to tasty yet healthy options such as infused water, coconut water, herbal teas, or fresh juices made in your own kitchen!

Opt for smaller meals throughout the day

If Ramadan has taught you to eat in moderation and watch your portions of food, it only makes sense that eating large meals in one sitting during the Eid celebration can cause you to experience digestive issues. Experts have shared that your digestive system works better when you consume smaller meals more frequently, as it makes it easier to digest your food and also helps to stimulate your metabolism.

Leave the dining table once you are full! 

Related to the previous tip, keep in mind that it is easier to avoid going overboard with the spread of treats when you leave the dining table as soon as you notice that you are full. Listen carefully to what your body tells you and make the conscious decision not to over-indulge in the Eid delights.

Celebrate Ramadan with a homemade meal

These days the trend has shown that for various reasons many people prefer to order the food that they serve for special celebrations. However, a homemade meal is generally healthier as you can choose the ingredients and cooking method yourself. Plus, nourishing your family with a home-cooked meal is always a terrific way to express your love on special occasions. Moreover, it sure never goes out of style.

Try healthier methods of cooking for your Ramadan specialties this year

Regardless of what your go-to Eid menu from year to year might have been like, remember that good food does not always have to be fried. Generally, fried foods are significantly higher in fat and calories than those prepared using other cooking methods. So, try to switch your deep-fried dishes up a little bit this year. You can do this by replacing them with their baked, grilled, or barbecued versions that can be just as delicious!

More herbs, less salt! 

Various studies have proven that too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure that puts you at risk for heart failure and heart attack, kidney problems, stroke, and other health problems. Your body does need salt, which is why you shouldn’t avoid salt completely. However, it is absolutely necessary to control how much salt is in your diet. Therefore, while preparing your Eid meals, instead of adding salt, opt to liven up your dishes using herbs and spices!

May you enjoy a joyous and healthy Eid this year. Prime Plus Medical family sincerely hopes that you stay safe throughout this holiday. Eid Mubarak from all of us! Always trust your medical care to our excellent health services at Prime Plus Medical.


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