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How to Stay Healthy during Pregnancy – Best Tips for Moms!

Family planning is an important matter every couple must discuss to prepare their readiness for childbearing. Based on a study, about 200 million pregnancies are happening each year around the world, both planned and unintended. Planned or not, it is vital to understand how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

These tips will be very useful especially in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent miscarriages and give the best possible start for your baby’s growth.  Our very first tip for women actively engaged in sexual activity who presume they might be parturient or miss their menstruation is to seek Bali medical advice as soon as possible and visit our nearby clinic in Bali, Prime Plus Medical Bali.

How to weight-gain healthy during pregnancy?

A significant weight gain is necessary to ensure your baby is healthy during pregnancy. However, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, obesity might lead you to a higher risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and other health problems Moreover, there are also chances for you to carry out your delivery through a c-section and your baby to encounter weight-related problems. Since you are eating for two now, how much weight you should gain, then?

To answer this, you can calculate your weight before pregnancy and determine your normal BMI (body mass index).  If you are pregnant with one baby, the advisable weight gains by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases are:

  • 5-1.8 kg increase for the first 3 months or around 1-4 pounds
  • 9-1.8kg increase for the rest of the months until childbirth or around 2-4 pounds

What to consume and avoid

What to consume for pregnant women will refer to their weight. Therefore, make sure to consult an expert to help you have a smooth, healthy pregnancy. You will need to eat up more if you are underweight. Supposedly you are overweight, you may need to follow a personalized diet and cut-down program to lose some weight.

Calories that are recommended for pregnant women are mostly coming from fruits and veggies that can fulfill your body’s requirements for fiber and vitamins, whole grains (complex carbohydrates with abundant nutritious contents), zero-fat or low-fat milk, or non-dairy drinks packed with vitamin D and calcium, healthy proteins, and of course water.

Read more for our six excellent tips to eat healthier in 2022 by Prime Plus Medical Clinic in Bali.

Child-bearing women should limit themselves from consuming spicy and salty foods, drinks with lots of sugar, food with high solid fats, raw foods, consuming caffeine, alcohol, fish high in mercury, and snacks containing additives and high in salt.

If you are experiencing heartburn, nausea, and stomachache in the morning, try to have your meals in small portions.

Special nutrition you need to make you healthy during pregnancy

To be healthy during pregnancy, especially in the prenatal stage, your doctor will most likely prescribe you with kinds of vitamins. They also ask you to take care of your diet more. You will need to get folate supplements. Or you can obtain the folic acid (a kind of B vitamin) naturally from your foods and drinks. This will support your baby’s healthy development. If you are planning for a baby, it requires around 400mcg of folic acid you need to take per day. Pregnant women will need 600mcg and breastfeeding stage around 500mcg.

Staying active keeps your baby happy

Having adequate physical activities can do amazing to sustain your ideal pregnancy weight. It also can improve your back pain and cramps around the legs, decrease your chance of getting a c-section, high blood pressure during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and quicken your delivery length and postpartum recovery. It is not a good excuse for letting pregnancy become your obstacle to staying active and performing moderate-level to vigorous physical activities (if you are known to be active all your life).

If you have to work during your pregnancy, ideally, you can just do household work. You can also do simple walking exercises for a minimum of one time every hour. Else, you can arrange for a gentle yoga class that works best with your schedule.  If you feel sick and short of breath, do not try to overdo it.

These are Prime Plus Medical Clinic in Bali’s tips on how to stay healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy moments are beautiful. The bonding between the mother and the baby is starting to strengthen at these critical periods. In the first trimester, you might feel like sleeping more and it is okay to feel vulnerable.

On the other hand, late pregnancy is the opposite. Your sleep might get interrupted by your frequent urge to pee. You are also more prone to back injuries as your body is making a natural adjustment to prepare for your labor. Lastly, we, Prime Plus Medical Clinic in Bali, sincerely wish all mothers to be safe and sound while sustaining their little ones with our tips to remain healthy during pregnancy above. If anything, we are always available at one phone call away at +623614740055.

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