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Getting to Know the Viral India Coronavirus Variant

India is now a public center because of the covid-19 tsunami. This second wave has been responsible for the spike in deaths in this subcontinent country. The smoke billowed hard, the cremation of hundreds of cadavers was massive. It was truly a miserable situation. We are in deep condolence for it.  The increased infection in cases of India coronavirus has astonished various parties. Cited from BBC, previously, India had succeeded in lowering the level of covid-19 cases to 11,000 / day on June 18 last year.

Many countries are now anticipating this with restrictions on citizens to go to India. Launching from the BBC, this virus went viral in India in October 2020. And since April 15, India has reported at least 200,000 cases of additional Covid-19 per day in the second wave of the virus. This is exacerbated by the situation in India. It has a high level of population density. The suspicion for the spread was seemingly triggered by social and religious activities, elections, and the opening of public places, and a lack of compliance with health protocols.

Currently, the virus has been detected in 21 countries. The pace is very fast in India, counting from the number of cases of 20,000 / day in January 2020 to September 2020 with an increase of 90,000 / day. Along with this, the government was not ready for the speed of transmission of the virus so that many died on the spot because they had not received medical treatment. Health facilities are becoming very scarce. According to BBC, until May 1 there has been more than 3.600 death in India. Morning, noon, and night in big cities the cremation process is endless and residents wait for days for the corpses of their relatives to get their turn.

India Coronavirus Variant Mutations

This variant is the result of a dual mutation of the L4525 and E484Q variants. Both of these viruses have properties to reduce the performance of antibodies. Hence, this allows the binding of viral cells to be stronger and more stable resulting in the virus can avoid the antibody system.

The protein in L4525 has a high transmission rate, thus the spread according to Grace C Roberts, a researcher in Virology, Queen’s University Belfast, becomes very easy.

Many questions the effectiveness of the vaccines being promoted at the moment. According to a paper published in Nature by Prof. Gupta and his fellow researchers, currently, the existing vaccines have the capacity to help control variants that aggravate congenital diseases. In addition, the hope is for the current vaccine to slow its spread. With the virus mutation, it is possible for these new variants to escape vaccine control. So, change is of course essential to support the performance of existing vaccines to make them more effective.

Is the Indian Variant More Infectious?

Although it is a double mutant, it does not mean that the India coronavirus variant is more infectious or more dangerous. Dr. Jeremy Kamil, a virologist at Louisiana State University emphasizes the need for us to calm down at the moment. He notions this variant has a similar effect to that of South African and Brazil. Dr. Kamil assumes that the variant in the UK is instead far more dangerous. It has overall spread to 50 countries now. Read more here

What Can We Learn From India?

It is a must for us all to take Covid-19 vaccination seriously. Don’t wait for the second wave to arrive or it would be too late. India did not expect the second wave and has struggled in this regard; mattresses in hospitals and clinics have run out; much of this has occurred as a result of society’s inability to follow current health protocols.

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