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A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth the Proper Way in 2023

Read this carefully A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth the Proper Way in 2023. Dental health is crucial. We all know that. Plus, it is a fundamental part of our overall health. Though aware of how essential it is to take care of our dental health, many of us still struggle to check the boxes for the basic daily things we must do to maintain our oral health.  

Are you ready to take better daily care of your oral health this year? Check out the most important things Prime Plus Medical in Bali A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth the Proper Way in 2023

First Thing A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth the Proper Way in 2023

Yes, a good toothbrush is indeed a great start to keeping your teeth clean. Thus, we totally understand that you might be concerned about which toothbrush is best for you. 

If you are wondering whether an electric toothbrush is better than a manual toothbrush, we are glad to help. The National Health Service (UK) states that both types are equally good as long as you use the toothbrush to clean all the surfaces of your teeth, use fluoride toothpaste, and brush your teeth at least twice a day. 

However, the NHS also mentioned that some people find it easier to clean their teeth thoroughly with an electric toothbrush. So, it’s a matter of preference. 

The National Health Service also explained that things to look for in a toothbrush include a small head and a compact, angled arrangement of long and short round-end bristles. You can choose the type of bristles based on your gum health. People with sensitive gums, for example, should opt for a toothbrush with soft bristles. 

Another important note: no matter how great your toothbrush is, replace it every few months. An article published by Harvard Health Publishing quoted the expert reminder that urges us to notice when it is time for a new brush: if the bristles are splayed out and no longer upright or your teeth don’t feel clean after brushing. 

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The most crucial part of toothbrushing is your technique! 

Brushing your teeth removes plaque, a film of bacteria that builds up on your teeth when not cleaned properly. When it is not cleaned regularly through brushing, plaque can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and even gum disease. 

Your brushing technique has a significant effect on your oral hygiene and health. To brush your teeth the proper way, implement the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Start by gently brushing the outer surfaces of your teeth, from your upper to lower teeth. Brushing tooth by tooth can help you make sure to spend enough time on every tooth and avoid missing any spots.
  • Step 2: Tilt your brush at a 45° angle. Brush against the gum line to remove any food debris or plaque. Gently move your brush back and forth using short tooth-wide strokes.
  • Step 3: Continue by brushing the inner surface of your teeth. Take your time. Though not visible, the inner surfaces of your teeth are just as vulnerable to plaque. Brush back and forth at a 45° angle. 
  • Step 4: And now, brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth using short back-and-forth strokes. Make sure that you clean the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. Food gets trapped there easily back there! 
  • Step 5: Brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria. 
  • Step 6: Do not skip flossing your teeth! Flossing is not only to clean food debris from between your teeth. By removing plaque that forms along the gum line, regular flossing may also reduce the risk of gum disease and prevent bad breath. 
  • And lastly, make sure not to brush your teeth vigorously. Over-brushing is a real thing. It can cause abrasion, gum recession, and tooth sensitivity.

Implementing the proper brushing technique goes a long way for your oral health. Thus, make 2023 the year you do your best brushing your teeth! 

Aside from daily oral care at home, do not slack off on your bi-annual visits to the dentist. Our excellent team of dentists at Prime Plus Medical in Canggu, Bali, is ready to assist you. Here’s to a healthier year for all of us!

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