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5 Health Screenings Women Need in Their Life

5 Health Screenings Women Need in Their Life

Healthy eating, exercising, practicing a decent sleeping habit are essential to keep unnecessary disease at bay. Performing health screenings, in this case should also make into everyone’s list.  However, addressing sex differences and each approach to medical treatment is not a new thing. The biological factors including reproductive function affect specific preventive measures, drug prescription, and health care. Although not 100% accurate and covered by health insurance in Indonesia, health screenings are effective to prevent the risk of potential illness before it gets trickier to handle which can be more stressful. Wondering which screenings, you should be receiving? Here are 5 health screenings women need to live at ease and longer. 

Pap Smears

Pap testing is recommended for women starting at the age of 21. It is necessary to detect possible cervical cancer. The procedure includes getting the cells in your uterus by first stretching your vaginal canal with a speculum. After the cell is gathered, the doctor will examine it to see if this can indicate your risk of cervical cancer. 

Test recommended for 21-65 y.o women every three to five years (for ages 30 or above).


Breast cancer was responsible for the deaths of 685.000 women around the world in 2020, according to WHO. This denotes important for women to do breast cancer screening to prevent any signs of the disease. In Indonesia, you can first experiment with breast self-awareness or Pemeriksaan Payudara Sendiri (SADARI). This is done by giving finger pressure on the areas of your breast a few days or a week after menstruation. However, there are more variables concerning possible breast cancer that makes screening performed by a health professional through a mammogram. The procedure uses an x-ray that will capture images of your breast’s conditions underneath to be examined further. 

The USPSTF suggests mammograms can be received every two years for women in their 50 while the American Cancer Society at age 45. Younger women under 40 may undergo this procedure if they are at higher risk from the concerns of family history, genetic mutation, and other underlying conditions.  

Blood Glucose Tests

Women should be wary of their chance of suffering from diabetes starting at the age of 45. A blood glucose test can help you detect prediabetic and diabetic conditions so you can begin to manage your lifestyle better. If your plasma glucose says higher than 126 mg/dl, you are likely to come down with diabetes. 100 mg/dl and above can indicate the signs of prediabetic. Surely, there are other variables to look out for such as whether or not you are obese and your family history.

Regular Dental Checkups

It is a rule of thumb that you should perform regular dental checkups every six months or twice a year. Dental checkups are important to maintain your overall mouth health. Your dentist will clean your plaque and check for any signs of tooth decay; something that your daily teeth brushing has difficulty reaching. Since it might be quite expensive you can confirm your health insurance to ensure if they cover the fee. 

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STD Health Screenings

Women need STD health screenings especially women who are sexually active, pregnant, and those who engage in sexual activities with multiple partners. STD testing can help prevent infection from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) early such as hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, and many more. During the consultation, it is essential to be truthful with your sexual history to your healthcare provider. Prime Plus Medical’s STD Clinic in Bali provides a safe space for our clients to share their confidential matters. Schedule your STD testing in Bali now at +6281237387131/ +623614740055. 

Make Sure You Perform These Health Screenings

Our last note, health screenings may also involve your health professionals suggesting taking vaccines to boost your immunity like two doses of HPV vaccine which is recommended for young adolescents as early as possible from 9 to 14 years. Older than the age of 15, should take 3 doses of vaccine. It can give you protection from the HPV strain that causes cervical cancer.


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