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STDs in Bali: What Causes HIV and AIDS

How serious are STDs in Bali?

While Covid-19 already has diverse brands of vaccines, but not so much with HIV/AIDS. STDs in Bali were ranked 6 in 2020, especially, for the cumulative number of HIV/AIDS cases in Indonesia until December 2020 since the first one occurred in 1987. With the total HIV cases of 23,222 and AIDS for 9,060, it sums up to 32,282. Although the deadly symptoms might not appear for up to 15 years, unlike the rapid spread of Covid-19, it does not do the justice to forget the significance of the cure that has not yet been found.

People are sometimes mistaken between these two conditions since they are often associated in some way. However, HIV and AIDS do not have similar diagnoses. Considering the number of cases for STDs in Bali, learn how to mitigate the deadly cases by understanding the conditions in the following.

What Is HIV?

The human immunodeficiency virus or later abbreviated as HIV leads to deterioration of the human immune system. It only contracts humans as the name describes it. The virus takes a toll on our immune system causing it to perform ineffectively. The longer the patient isn’t aware of the virus and doesn’t treat it; the virus will keep on growing and affecting the T cell in our immune system. As a result, the body develops severe illnesses and is more likely to increase the risk of cancers. Our body cannot easily eliminate the virus since it embeds deep within the DNA cells. HIV-positive will be prescribed to follow antiretroviral treatment. This is done by interfering with the viral lifecycle. Thus, the patient can manage to survive and live along with the virus just like a normal human life span.

At what point does HIV become AIDS?

If one continues to be infected without proper treatment, AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) will come along, known as stage 3 HIV. In a nutshell, HIV gets into the body first and when allowed to progress, AIDS will eventually emerge. The symptoms of this condition vary for everyone. However, the damage in the immune system is getting worse at this stage. It inflicts the patient by infecting other organs.  Therefore, the patient will experience complications of illnesses from TBC, pneumonia, and etc. The weaker their immune system from this cause, cancers then become probable at this point.

The staging of HIV infection does not always advance to stage 3 HIV or AIDS. Until today, the antidote does not exist. Health treatment can only delay and control the viral life cycle. HIV patients can never be recovered. It is a must for them to observe the regular medication to suppress the cycle.

How HIV is transmitted?  

You cannot contract HIV through the air, water, and casual physical contact. It transfers from the exchange of bodily fluids such as semen, breast milk, blood, and fluids from the vaginal area. Therefore, sex without protection, the practice of needle sharing from illegal drugs, a mother to her infant during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy breastfeeding are the most common causes of HIV/AIDS. Even though, HIV is not spread through saliva. Nevertheless, you might not realize that your partner might have bleeding skin. Preventing any sexual activities through exchanging partners is also one way to avoid a high risk of catching HIV.

How long does it take to see signs of HIV?          

At the first to four weeks you are infected with the virus, you will be on the primary stage of HIV where you will suffer from flu-associated signs. Those include fever, sore throat, painful muscles and joints, stomach ache, and sore glands.  Afterward, the asymptomatic HIV stage allows you to live for 10 years or more and you will not even notice anything further unless you take the HIV test. People with intense contact sexually with the viral carrier will be in great danger of HIV infection as well.

As the virus eats up your immune system, your body will go through immense changes of weight loss, mouth and skin problems, a never-ending cough, fever, and other serious diseases.

Take your HIV test now before it is too late

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