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Healthy in Bali

Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated during Your Bali Vacation

Tropical holidays are designed to be all about having fun under the sun, enjoying everything an island escape should be about. One thing that we should keep in mind is that getting sick during your summer vacay can be quite a buzzkill as it would most likely prevent you from both the exciting and relaxing activities you have planned.

While some health issues are harder to prevent and anticipate, some others are perfectly manageable as long as you put some effort into it. Dehydration falls under the category of the latter, as there are easy ways that can help you stay perfectly hydrated. The importance of hydration, especially in hot and humid places like Bali, should really not be overlooked. Here are some hydration tips for a fun healthy tropical holiday!

  1. Be kind to your body!

Most of us are familiar with the suggested intake of 8 glasses of water per day. While this may vary for each person based on various factors, this ideal number might also need some adjustments when you are in a tropical climate. If you feel like your body is over-heating, you should immediately find a place to cool off and drink lots of water before the initial symptoms, such as dizziness and fatigue, start to get worse.

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle!

One of the main keys to hydration is to drink water throughout the day. And yes, water is definitely the best way to hydrate since it is calorie-free as well as sugar-free. Bringing your own bottle of water will also serve as a constant reminder that you should stay hydrated. Plus, this way you don’t have to wait until you stop at some place that sells drinks, or wait for your meal times or breaks, until you drink some water.

  1. Not a big fan of water?

If you’re not very fond of the taste of water, you might want to consider infused water. If that still tastes too ‘watery’ for you, then the second best thing you can do is to stay aware of your fluids. Despite what you might have heard, soft drinks and tea are hydrating fluids too. Clearly, they don’t hydrate at the same level as water, but they also don’t have the dehydrating effect that coffee and alcohol have.

It is smart to balance your beers and cocktails with glasses of water, juice or even soft drinks in order to prevent dehydration. And oh, coconut water is another delicious recipe for staying invigorated throughout your Bali days!

  1. Check the color of your urine!

If you are not really sure whether you are drinking enough but also don’t really feel like your body is ‘trying to tell you something’, you can always check the color of your urine. The normal color is pale straw, and anything darker means that your body needs more fluids.

Here’s to a healthy and happy island escape! Stay hydrated and enjoy your time in this tropical paradise!

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