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Are you ready for a mind-blowing lineup, endless hours of dancing, and a give-it-all-you’ve-got week of New Year fun? You’ll need to pack more than your bags and a cooler full of beers to come out of the week feeling as pumped as when you went in. Unrestrained good times take a toll, especially when you’re too busy grooving for a body check-in. So help yourself avoid the medical clinic with a visit to the Prime Plus Medical, and pack your cells full of the nourishment they need for the indulgent days ahead. Boost your energy, support your immune system, and kick your liver function up a notch. This custom therapy blend helps your health endure a week of full-on festivity.


Get charged and ready to roll and infused with the right fluids to keep your roll going. Endurance is the key to making the most of your week and an abundance of sustained energy is what you’ll need. Our IV therapy cocktail helps you have that energy in the bank before the back-to-back days of dancing begin. A combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids gives you an immediate boost to get you there and sees you through until the end. You’ll be awake for the after-parties and up for all the unexpected adventures, partying with your peeps without pushing your body past its limit. Of course, you’ll need to actually sleep, but not by passing out from exhaustion. So always rehydrate when you need to and pre-hydrate with IV therapy when you can.


So much music, so much love! A fabulous festival crowd shares much more than a good time. Exhausting your immune system with dehydration, fast food, and alcohol, is an invitation for bacteria and viruses to infiltrate your system and throw their own after-party. With our IV therapy, Prime Plus Medical prepares your body with the antioxidants and vitamins it needs for enhanced metabolic function and a strong immune system throughout the week. Along with guarding against those unwelcome microbial party-goers, immune system support therapy with high doses of vitamin C does the double duty of providing you with extra UV protection during those long days out in the sun.


Fair food is often just fast-food, and fast-food is credited with causing damage to your liver. Fatigue, bloating, nausea, heartburn, overheating and over-sweating are some of the signs that your liver is in distress. These symptoms can exacerbate dehydration and immune system suppression, causing an avalanche of side effects that will surely interrupt your fun. Combine less-than-healthy festival food with a free-flowing stream of alcohol, and your body will be exhibiting the symptoms of a stressed out liver in no time. Your liver’s going to be working extra hard during the week to break down all those substances you might be putting into your body. Help it do its job well by treating it to the detoxifying festival therapy, to make sure your liver can keep up with the pace of your substance consumption. Supporting good liver function with a custom therapy detox before you leave and pre-scheduling one for when you return ensures a quick recovery for your body so you’ll be ready for an encore.

Good preparation makes it all happen, and that begins with your health. Enjoy all the music, food, and friends that the events have to offer with a hydrated body infused with minerals and vitamins. Our custom festival IV therapy provides a mixed blend of what your cells need, not only to get you through the week healthy but to ensure that every festive moment you’ve paid for is enjoyed to its absolute fullest.

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