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The Facts, Myths, and Everything You Must Know About Wearing a Mask during the Pandemic

Wearing a face mask has become a part of our daily life for quite a few months now. And yet, it seems like there’s still some major confusion, misconception, and sadly ignorance related to this obligation, which has continued to take place during this new normal era. In this article, we will sum things up, and break some myths that might have prevented you from obeying the rules appropriately and consistently.

  1. Yes, cloth masks do provide safety!

You might have heard the theory that cloth masks don’t protect you, whereas medical masks do. That’s a myth! Researchers have proven that cloth masks are highly effective for the general public. These face coverings create a barrier between your mouth and nose, and the people around you. Thus, when someone coughs, sneezes, and talks, droplets are prevented from spreading to others, which means that these cloth masks do provide safety.

  1. Yes, there is a correct way of choosing and wearing masks!

How you wear your mask is extremely important. Make sure that your mask covers your face from the bridge of your nose to below your chin, fits properly, and leaves no gap between the mask and your face.  Also, try choosing a face covering which has multiple layers but allows you to breathe and talk comfortably. When removing your mask for a moment, don’t leave it hanging under your chin. This seemingly harmless habit may cause your mask to become contaminated by germs which would subsequently end up on your face.

  1. Nope! Not only sick people have to wear masks!

So far, various studies have proven that many people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have shown to be asymptomatic. This means that they didn’t show or suffer any of the common symptoms. Therefore, someone who appears to be in perfect health might be a carrier of the virus, which means that they may spread the virus to others. That being said, wear your mask and practice social distancing, no matter how healthy you believe you are.

  1. In some cases, you need to wear a mask when you’re at home too.

If you live with other people and happen to feel some symptoms of the Coronavirus disease, even mild ones, it is vital to wear a mask inside your house to protect the others around you. Stay at home and isolate yourself in a particular room that should be considered as your quarantine room. Try to spend as little time as possible in shared spaces, and when you do, make sure that you always have your mask on. Better safe than (terribly) sorry.

  1. No, wearing a mask does NOT lower your oxygen levels!

Yes, of course wearing a mask may feel a little uncomfortable. However, we assure you that it is NOT because your oxygen intake is reduced. Wearing face coverings also does not fill your lungs with carbon dioxide. After all, keep in mind that healthcare workers have been pulling awfully long shifts wearing masks, and they breathe just fine! The only people who should not be wearing masks are those with lung conditions and babies younger than 2 years old.

Wearing a mask is a shared responsibility that deserves the best effort from each one of us. Like we’ve been hearing a lot these days, we are in this together. Let’s act like it.






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