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Invisalign tips by prime plus dental clinic in Bali

Invisalign Tips for Coffee Addicts and Smokers

For people who don’t fancy seeing their teeth in the confinement of metal braces, don’t worry we got you covered. Invisalign is another orthodontic treatment to correct misalignment in teeth structure aside from braces installation. The good news is, it is also less noticeable. While it allows you to put them on and off. However, you need to use the attachment as long as possible for roughly 22 hours per day in 2 weeks before continuing further attachments. This treatment might last for months depending on the pace of transformation of your teeth structure.

How does invisalign work?

Before designing plastic aligners, your dentist will equip special software to process the digital images of your teeth to make 3D patterns out of them. Your dentist, via the software, can give you an estimation of how your teeth will turn out as you use invisalign attachments. The series of aligners you’re going to achieve is in clear form but they firmly hold your teeth and gradually move them to the desired positions. You’re going to put on each aligner normally for two weeks. The length of use is also based on how fast and slow the changes are shown by your teeth’ structure. If the progress of the first aligner has changed your teeth successfully based on the estimation given then the dentist will move on to the next aligner. The process continues until your dentist is happy with the result.

Can I drink coffee?

While you can’t definitely resist drinking coffee, Prime Plus Medical covers several reasons why it is best to avoid caffeine when you’re wearing the aligners.

Coffee prompts teeth staining and this brings about a similar effect to the invisalign trays. It causes discoloration for both of them. Moreover, the acidic content in caffeine also contributes to tooth decay. If you add some sugar into your cup of coffee, the amount of sugar trapped between your teeth will worsen up the activity of bacteria eating away the sugar at your enamel that leads to cavities. Hot coffee, moreover, can break invisalign trays. Unless you’re willing to spend more money in purchasing a new aligner before the changing due date, it is wise to put off coffee to make the treatment a success.

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Can I vape and smoke?

Teeth maintenance is known to be quite pricey. Once you undergo any cosmetic dentistry treatments, you might as well give your all in achieving your desired result. The moment you set your commitment to fit your invisalign attachment over your teeth, be aware that you need to dedicate 22 hours/ day to keep your aligner in place. Out of 24 hours, you merely get a spare of 2 hours to temporarily remove the aligner to have your meals. If not, you might risk prolonging the treatment.

A 2 weekly change will not help prevent the discoloration on your teeth and aligners if you keep smoking every day. There’s a certain time restriction for the use of aligners in a day. Therefore, when you crave smoking, you should remove the aligners during the eating period. Do it quickly and don’t exceed the 2-hour removal time. If you go beyond the removal time then just let the aligners be attached. What we are concerned about vape is that the amount of time one takes to smoke vape. People have a tendency to smoke vape longer than regular cigarettes. So, might as well take this into consideration.

Ways to clean Invisalign trays                                                   

The following are the best procedures to clean invisalign trays.

Make sure to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly the moment you wake up. Clean your invisalign trays by soaking them in invisalign cleaning crystals. Afterward, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and anti-bacteria retainer to eliminate built-up tartar, plaque, and bacteria during your night sleep and every time you remove them. Store them properly in case you don’t wear them.

Are You Invested in Getting Invisalign Treatment?

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