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Staying Healthy During the Wet Season in Bali

The wet season in Bali is still in full force and make our healthy feel decrease. While we all agree that rain itself is a blessing, the weather has shown to be pretty extreme at times and causes some health concerns. The damp and humid weather during the wet season in Bali provides an environment that allows harmful microorganisms to thrive. Therefore, you end up facing a higher risk of becoming exposed to various viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. From the common cold to dengue fever, the wet season leaves us all more vulnerable to infections. Lets find Easy steps to keep healthy during wet season in Bali


In this article, we would like to remind you about the seemingly little things you can do to stay healthy during the wet season.
1. Stay protected from downpours
It is common knowledge that getting soaked in the rain can cause you to catch a cold. Experts have shared that it is indeed true that chilling the body, especially your feet, can trigger symptoms of a cold if you are already prone to the virus. Taking this into account, if you are living the Bali lifestyle where you commute by riding scooters or motorbikes, make sure that you have a raincoat and protective footwear prepared whenever you go out. Preventing yourself from getting drenched and your feet from exposure to dirty puddles of water are the first couple of steps to take care of your health during rainy days.

2. Keep it clean!
Staying warm and cozy at home while it’s pouring outside is always a safe and comfortable option. However, keep in mind that germs are more likely to spread indoors. The more stagnant the air is, the more likely the germs are to spread. Thus, you must keep your home as clean as possible. And the same goes for your personal hygiene!

Furthermore, it is also important to make sure that there aren’t any puddles of rainwater that get collected around your house, as standing water may become a breeding ground for mosquitos, including Aedes aegypti, which can spread dengue fever.

3. To be safe, use mosquito repellents
Trying to keep mosquitos out of your home by maintaining fly screens and using sprays and the like is one thing. But when you are out, it is always safest to assume that it’s simply inevitable to avoid exposure to an explosively increased population of insects during the rainy weather. Therefore, to prevent any health risks, make mosquito repellents mandatory during this time of the year. Not a fan of the active ingredients in most mosquito repellents? You can always opt for organic products that are just as effective in keeping mosquitos and other insects away from you!

4. Eat and drink well
During the wet season, sticking to a balanced diet becomes even more crucial. Take the time and effort to make healthier food choices and aim for more home-cooked meals while maintaining high standards of hygiene in your kitchen. And as long as the days are still rainy, it’s best to steer clear of street food for a while.

5. Boost your immune system!
A healthy and balanced diet may help you strengthen your immune system, which is exactly what you need to fight disease-causing germs like bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi, and to remove them from your body. When your immune system is strong, it becomes much easier for you to prevent the cold, flu, or other infections.


In addition to consuming nutritious foods, you can always give your immune system an extra boost by increasing your vitamin C intake, either by consuming foods rich in vitamin C, taking supplements, or getting an IV vitamin C therapy, which is also available at our clinic.


We hope that you stay safe and healthy during the rest of this wet season. And in the unfortunate case that you do get sick, we are always here to assist you!

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