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Strengthen Your Immune System during the Pandemic Covid-19 with Tips from Prime Plus Medical Bali

Four Ways to Tune up Immunity during the Pandemic

Your immune system is your body’s defense system designed to fight ‘foreign invaders’. Your immune system works to protect your body against infections and pathogens and plays a vital role in recovery. Therefore, aside from implementing health protocols, one of the most critical things to do during the Covid-19 pandemic is to keep your immune system healthy to work at its maximum capacity.

In this article, we have listed four simple yet powerful ways to tune up your immune system. This is highly important especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and beyond!

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Eat more nutrient-rich foods to Strengthen Your Immune System during the Pandemic

A balanced and nutrient-rich diet is vital to maintain your immune system. That’s why you must make sure that your daily meals contain foods high in antioxidants, as this substance helps activate T-cells known to activate immune cells. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants, as well as the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs every day.

While vitamin supplements can indeed help, a well-balanced diet is still the best way to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Thus, the first step is to eat well. You can reach for your supplements if you believe that you are experiencing a deficiency of a particular vitamin.

Choose your immune-boosting supplements wisely

In the previous point, we have covered that there is absolutely no substitute for a nourishing diet. However, there is nothing wrong with also taking vitamin supplements to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. But which vitamins are the best to boost your immune system?

To answer that question, experts have shared that vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E are the three vitamins that your body needs the most to help your immune system ward off illnesses.

If you want a stronger boost while recovering from an illness during the pandemic, you can also consider IV vitamin C therapy. This method allows your body to receive up to 100% of the supplement as it directly enters your bloodstream.

Get enough sleep

Yes, we totally understand that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic might have taken a toll on your mental health. It also caused you to experience issues such as stress and anxiety. Experts have stated that stress and anxiety often lead to insomnia and sleep problems.

Keep in mind that sleep plays a crucial role in supporting your immune system. To stay healthy and maintain your immune system, you need to get a good night’s sleep of 7-9 hours. Therefore, if stress or anxiety has affected your sleep hygiene during the pandemic, it is essential that you practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation, to reduce stress and subsequently fix your sleep pattern.

And if you feel like you are experiencing a level of chronic stress or anxiety that you can no longer manage yourself, please make sure that you consult your healthcare provider.

Cut back on sugar! 

We are pretty sure that you are well aware that too much sugar may cause health complications. However, we want to point out that sugar also affects the cells in your immune system. This includes your white blood cells which are vital to the function of your immune system. They destroy bacteria and fungi that may be present inside your body.

Hence, keep in mind to limit your sugar consumption! And remember, added sugar can be found in the most unexpected products, so choose your food wisely!

Strong Immune System Comes from Healthy Nutrients You Put into the Body, How You Keep up with Sleeping Habit and Your Stress Level

We hope that you are inspired to implement the above tips to boost your immune system throughout the ongoing pandemic and beyond. Remember that simple healthy habits go a long way! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


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