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Four Things That Every Cycler Needs to Keep in Mind during the Pandemic

Like many other places around the world, Bali has also witnessed a sudden growth in the number of enthusiastic cyclers who have added a new refreshing sight to the streets across South Bali and beyond. With the quieter streets and little traffic, many of us have decided that there isn’t a better time than the pandemic (or even new normal) to get out there and break a sweat on our bicycle!

As the cycling lifestyle grows, many people are also wondering whether this form of exercise is a safe and wise choice at the moment, especially in areas and neighborhoods that are currently still affected by COVID-19. To answer that question, cycling during the pandemic can be perfectly safe as long as cyclers pay attention to the following things:

  1. It’s NOT the more the merrier

In an online article published by Bicycling, health expert David Nieman, Dr. PH. explained that riding outside is considered safe and that the safest way to do so is by going on a solo ride. Why solo? Simply because when you go out for a ride with a group of cyclers, you are putting yourself at risk for infection every time someone sneezes or coughs and releases droplets onto objects that you might touch and therefore might end up entering your body through your nose, mouth or eyes. In other words, the rule of physical distancing still applies when you are riding outdoors.

  1. Don’t let your solo ride accidentally turn into a group ride

When you realize that certain routes have become increasingly popular among cyclers in your area, then it’s time for you to consider going a different way. Another way to handle this situation would be by choosing a less crowded time of the day to avoid becoming a part of a group ride, especially when your initial intention was to wisely enjoy a solo ride.

  1. Listen to your body as well as local news updates!

Experts have made it clear that physical exercise is indeed highly suggested nowadays, as it boosts your immune system; something we can all benefit from during this pandemic. However, before you go out for a nice healthy ride on your bicycle, you have to make sure that you are well-informed about the situation in your area related to any restrictions on outdoor activities. And even if it is okay to go out, you still need to be sure that you’re not sick or at risk of spreading the virus to others.

  1. Mask or no mask?

In the article “How to Ride Safely Amid Coronavirus Concerns” published by the online publication, Bicycling, experts have explained that whether or not you must wear a mask depends on the setting you’re in. Public health expert Matt Ferrari Ph.D. explained that there is no advantage to wearing a mask if you are not going to be near people. Thus, once you are on a solo ride with no other people around, it is perfectly okay not to wear a mask. However, as long as you are still riding through areas where there are people on the street, your mask should stay on, as per the local government COVID-19 protocols.

By following the above tips, you can continue this healthy lifestyle safely. Remember not to take unnecessary risks and enjoy your fun outdoors exercise responsibly!

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