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Bali Belly

How to Cure Bali Belly

Bali belly is a popular term among travelers. This condition is usually experienced by tourists visiting Bali. If you visiting Bali, then you experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness, you might be infected by Bali belly parasite.

This disease technically an acute case of gastroenteritis, and is almost always caused by eating contaminated food or water.

The Symptoms

In general, Bali Belly symptoms involve diarrhea or loose water within a 24 period including:

> Nausea

> Abdominal bloating, cramps and pain

> Fever or mild temperature

> Headaches

> Lack of energy

> Bloody stools.

These symptoms can be caused by consuming contaminated food and water. Unsterilized water carrying pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, or protozoans. Poor sanitation and unhygienic food processing are also the main causes of Bali Belly.

The types of intestinal pathogens or microorganisms that cause Bali Belly including:

> Bacteria – most commonly E. Coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, and Shigella.

> Parasites – including Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium parvum, Dientamoeba fragilis, and Blastocystis hominis.

> Viruses – norovirus and rotavirus are thought to be present in up to a third of cases.

Experiencing this disease is uncomfortable. Moreover, you are enjoying the holidays. of course, an unhealthy body condition is very disturbing in your activities. But don’t worry, the disease is usually easy to cure. Here are the treatments that you need to do:

The Treatment

Treating the symptoms of Bali Belly is not difficult. There are several ways that you can do as a treatment. The first thing to do is you only need to consult with a health facility and get the right medical services. You can also get medicine from the nearest medical assistant facility such as pharmacy and clinic. These are several medicines that you can use:

> Anti-diarrheal drugs: don’t worry if you have a fever accompanied by diarrhea. Diarrhea is a natural reaction if your body is poisoned. Diarrhea is the body’s natural defense and is useful for detoxifying toxins from your body.

> Antibiotics: do your research first before taking antibiotics. Antibiotics may neutralize bacteria and pathogens in the body. However, if you take antibiotics incorrectly it will reduce the body’s immunity. Because bacteria will adjust themselves and become resistant to the antibiotic.

> Anti-nausea drugs: many drugs are used for nausea. However, you should use natural ingredients such as tea or ginger, then if these don’t work you can hit the heavy stuff.

The Prevention

Bali belly might happen at any time. Even after you go home.  Several cases mention that this condition will heal by itself. If this condition continues and does not go away, you should come to a professional clinic. At least you can prevent it through the following things:

–         Drinking mineral bottled water, or sterile water. never drink water through a sink in Indonesia. This country does not yet provide water facilities that can be drunk directly.

–         Be careful if you consume ice. The process of making ice is usually unhygienic.

–         Be sure to use boiled water if you brew coffee or tea.

–         Be cautious about where you get fruit and vegetables from. Make sure to wash them with sterile water.

–         Use hand sanitizer when you wash your hand.

–         Avoid eating raw food, rare or uncooked food.

–         Avoid unpasteurized dairy products.

What can you eat with Bali Belly?

If you have this syndrome. You must choose foods to consume. Choose healthy foods and high in fiber. The following are foods that are safe to consume while in Bali belly:

Soups and stews





A few things you can try which will help are:

Have fresh coconut

Drink Yakult

Take Immodium

Make sure to drink plenty of bottled water

Although this syndrome is quite disturbing, you don’t need to worry to enjoy your vacation in Bali. Many interesting places to explore on the Island of the Gods. If you experience health problems, you can simply look for “Clinic Near Me” through Google. Choose a clinic that has full facilities and is open 24 hours like Prime Plus Medical.

Medical Facility in Bali

Prime Plus Medical was established as a response to the growing demand for urgent care centers which have been proven to be a perfect option for convenient and affordable medical care for various cases of non-critical conditions. One of the key qualities of an urgent care center is that it operates 24/7. The facility also aims to consistently have the capability to see patients immediately. These qualities have simply made urgent care centers a popular option to accommodate patients in most countries worldwide.

Given that Bali is an exotic destination, many patients happen to be tourists or part-time residents of the busy southern part of the resort island where we happen to be based. Prime Plus Medical takes pleasure in its role of providing medical care for patients who are looking for local doctors or simply could not manage to schedule appointments for their medical care needs beforehand.

Like most urgent care centers, Prime Plus Medical commits to deliver an extensive range of services which include routine blood work, physical check-ups, dental care, IV vitamin therapy and more. As an urgent care center, we provide an affordable and convenient solution for patients who are in need of treatments for non-critical conditions such as found in cases of broken bones, asthma, respiratory infections and more. When it is considered necessary, our doctors would direct patients to local hospitals and/or prescribe follow-up care. Therefore, our patients have no reason to worry whether they came to the right place as our experienced team of professionals guarantee to provide clear information during the consultations and ensure that our patients will be accommodated with all medical attention as required for each specific case.



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