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Back Injuries: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Back injuries are a condition that causes damage to the nerves located in the spinal canal. Back injuries are generally caused by driving accidents, sports, or physical violence.

The spinal cord (back) is a canal from the brain that stretches from the neck to the coccyx. These nerves are essential in sending signals from the brain to the rest of the body and vice versa. If this nerve is damaged, there will be disturbances in several body functions, such as loss of the ability to move or feel something.

Back injuries must be treated immediately. If treatment is not carried out directly, the patient may need a more extended recovery period. In addition, the possibility of a bad condition or the emergence of complications will also be more significant.

Then what are the causes and symptoms of back injuries? And how to treat and prevent it. This article will discuss the reasons and ways to avoid back injuries.

Causes of Back Injuries

Back injuries result from damage to the spine, the connective tissue between the vertebrae, or the spinal cord. Back injuries are divided into two types, namely traumatic and non-traumatic.

Traumatic Back Injuries

This injury is caused by shifting, breaking, or dislocating the spine due to an accident, for example, due to:

– Motor vehicle accidents

– Fall during activity

– Accident while exercising

– Physical abuse

Non-Traumatic Back Injuries

This injury is caused by another condition or disease, such as:

– Cancer

– Arthritis

– Polio

– Abnormal spinal growth from birth

– Inflammation of the spine

– TB of the spine, which can cause damage to the joints and spine

– Infections that cause abscesses in the spine

Symptoms of Spinal Nerve Injury

The main symptoms usually seen are motor disturbances in muscle weakness and sensory disorders in the form of numbness.

Based on the severity of the injury, symptoms are divided into two, namely:

Non-comprehensive or local symptoms

These symptoms occur when a nerve injury causes only a reduced ability to move (weakness of movement) or feel.

Comprehensive Symptoms

This symptom is characterized by the loss of all sensory and motor abilities, so the sufferer cannot move or feel.

Risk Factors for Spinal Nerve Injury

Several factors increase the risk of spinal cord injury, namely:

– Gender because spinal cord injuries are prone to occur in men.

– Age, because people aged 16-30 years or over 65 years are more susceptible to spinal cord injuries.

– Participating in high-risk activities such as jumping into shallow water or playing sports without suitable protective equipment can cause spinal trauma.

– Other bone or joint disease.

How Do Doctors Diagnose These Injuries?

To diagnose a spinal cord injury, the doctor will ask about the symptoms and complaints experienced, medical history, and any medical procedures the patient has undergone. In patients who have had an accident, the doctor will ask about the incident in detail, especially how the patient experienced a collision.

After that, the doctor will conduct a thorough physical examination and a neurological exam, including examining the patient’s muscle strength and ability to feel touch, vibration, or temperature.

The doctor will also carry out several supporting examinations to see the patient’s spine and spinal cord condition. The following are tests used in diagnosing spinal cord injuries:

– X-ray photo

– CT Scan

– MRIs

Spinal Nerve Injury Treatment

This condition requires emergency medical attention at an accident or injury scene. After an injury, the head and neck will immobilize the head and neck to prevent movement. This may be particularly difficult when the patient is frightened after a severe accident.

Specific treatment for acute spinal cord injury is based on the following:

– Age, overall health, and medical history.

– Extent of injury.

– Type of injury.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to repair a damaged or bruised spinal cord. However, researchers are actively looking for ways to stimulate spinal cord regeneration. The severity and location determine whether the spinal cord injury is mild, severe, or fatal.

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Prevention of Spinal Nerve Injury

Spinal cord injuries can occur when a person experiences an impact or falls. For this reason, it is essential to be careful in every action to avoid accidents.

If you meet other people who have had accidents, prevent or reduce the risk of spinal cord injury to the neck or back by:

  • Call the paramedics immediately and do not move or move the victim before the paramedics arrive at the scene.
  • Place a thick towel on either side of the neck, or hold the neck and head, and ask the victim to remain still until paramedics arrive.
  • Perform necessary first aid to stop the bleeding without moving your neck and head.

When to See a Doctor

Check with your doctor if you experience the complaints mentioned above. Examination and treatment must be done immediately to prevent more severe injuries and complications.

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