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How Much Deep Sleep You Need to Feel Refreshed

In modern society when achieving the perfect career is everything, people would often let themselves in the cycle of sleep-deprived, meaning it is understandable for them to actually miss out on the importance of deep sleep as long as they do their job right. However, it’s not always the case. We have seen the concern people frequently asked on the internet on how to replace the number of hours required to feel fit and fresh the next day with just a few hours of sleep. It’s utter impossible knowing that even the slightest sleep loss can contribute big to your level of stress management and energy.

It is all about the quality of sleep you can manage to get every night. Deep sleep is the leading factor of how someone can be so energetic the next morning. It leads to the question of how much deep sleep you need to feel rejuvenated that we will explain in the following.

Identifying the Stages of Sleep

Your body undergoes three stages when you’re asleep. At first, you will go through the non-REM sleep before carrying on to the REM stage. As its abbreviation suggests, REM or Rapid Eye Movement only occurs the moment you’re entering the deep sleep stage. Other terms for the deep sleep stage include delta sleep, slow-wave sleep, and N3. The sleeping process is described as follows.

  1. In the first non-REM sleep, you’re still in the subconscious stage. Things can easily wake you up.
  2. Before penetrating the deep sleep stage, your will experience a decrease in body temperature and heart rate. At this point, you’re in light sleep mode.
  3. As you put up with the REM or deep sleep, you may dream and it’s not easy to get you up. Once awaken from a deep sleep, the brain then becomes active.

The Importance of Deep Sleep

Having a well-rested routine helps to detox your essential organs, renew cells, build muscles, develop better tissues and the most significant purpose is to recharge your barrel. Nothing is worse than suffering from sleep deprivation because you don’t allow your body to recover in order to function properly for the next day. Sleep deprivation affects your overall health and can cause you to feel excessive tiredness in the daytime, moodiness, lack of focus, and more likely to catch illnesses.

How Much Deep Sleep You Need to Keep Sharp

As you’re getting older, the total hours of sleep are also degrading. Newborns should at least sleep for 12-18 hours. Infants below 12 months require 14-15 hours. Toddles of 1-3 years old need 12-14 hours. Preschool children of 3-5 years old need 11-13 hours. School-age children of 6- 12 years old require 10-11 hours of sleep. 13-18-year-old teenagers require 9-10 hours of sleep.

Studies recommend people engage 20% of their overall sleep to be in the deep sleep stage. For instance, how much sleep do adults need? People over 18 years old should at least sleep for 8-9 hours. This implies that they require deep sleep around 1.6-1.8 hours.

Habits You Should Nurture to Improve Your Sleep Routine

In the following, we will also disclose some ways to help you out in gaining better sleep habits.

Time management matters

Many complain that it’s difficult for them to follow their desired sleeping time routine because they are distracted by unfinished tasks. Build strong time management allows you to be in control of your life and this also applies to your sleeping schedule.

Reading and setting a timer to listen to soothing music

When you have nothing to worry about, it will be much easier for you to close your eyes and concentrate on sleeping. Turn on some relaxing music and add a timer to it so it can stop playing after you’re asleep. Reading is also great to set the sleeping mood.

Dim or turn off the light

Having your lights off does not only help you sleep faster, but also stimulates hormones in the brain, melatonin that maintains the quality of sleep cycles to make your body feel relaxed.

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Arrange a Better Sleep Schedule Tonight

Instead of asking questions like, “is 6 hours of sleep enough?” and “how to sleep 8 hours in 3 hours”, let’s work on fixing the bad habit to achieve deep sleep success. We hope it answers your question on how much deep sleep you need to stay fit and in shape.

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