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How Effective Is Booster Vaccine

How Effective Is Booster Vaccine Against Omicron?

As we are coming to the third year of the pandemic, intense increasing cases coming from the Omicron variant has been apparent all around the world. It rapidly infects everyone – people in more than 70 countries, and even those who got the full jabs and received the booster vaccine dose. The virus also spreads to people who had experienced Sars Cov-2. This makes us question how effective the booster vaccine can fight against the notorious coronavirus.

Like other former variants of Coronavirus, Omicron has also been a matter of concern by WHO. It has quick transmissibility over the delta and the capacity to reinfect and get away from the immunity by the vaccines. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove says that Omicron is less dangerous than the Delta variant. However, we still need to be cautious of the dangers because it is not in any way mild. The spectrum of Omicron infection varies from the asymptomatic case, long COVID, to death. The risk is likely to be higher in unvaccinated people and those in their declining years.

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The Booster Shot Is a Protective Measure We Can Do to Reduce the Transmission

Many hospitals are having a hard time dealing with the surge of Omicron. Health services should also tend to people who need to receive immediate care out of the Omicron cases. When everyone may catch the virus, this situation overburdens the health facility. The priority is to make sure that we can save those with severe cases. To best prevent transmission, vaccination is totally recommended as one of the primary protective measures besides physical distancing, double layering your mask, and keeping yourself clean at all times. The goal is to avoid the worst scenarios that could happen to the infected since we are not sure whether they have underlying conditions or not.

While there is not much evidence suggesting that Omicron will be the last variant we will hear in the near future. Once you have the chance to take your booster shot, perform it as soon as possible. Booster vaccine by no means can only be given after the full vaccination of any mRNA COVID-19 brands. A certain condition that requires people to get their booster shot is those who have been fully vaccinated yet do not develop adequate immune protection like organ transplant patients. A shot of booster vaccine is reliable to pack their bodies with extra protection.

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CDC Urges the Rollout of Booster Vaccine – What the Latest Report Has So Far

Two studies were conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the first study, they reviewed data obtained from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) regarding the performance between those who merely received the second dose of mRNA vaccine in any brands and others who added booster dose following their full vaccination. The result was promising. About 92% of Covid-19 positive patients were having less severe symptoms of the virus infection and rarely seek medical care.

The second one determined the level of protection the third dose gave to those who had it. The data was taken from 10 states in the course of Delta and Omicron swelling in cases. The third dose layered the protection in the first two months for 91% against hospitalization. After four months and above, the efficacy was at 78%.

Booster Vaccine in a Nutshell

The monitoring of the third dose of vaccine effectiveness remains. Taking from the conclusion of these two studies, it is safe to say now that a booster vaccine is indeed effective to protect people from severe impacts of infection. You can get your booster shot from 5 years old and beyond after your full vaccination has been completed; 5 months post mRNA vaccine and 2 months for Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen’s vaccine.

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