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Get Tested for Covid-19, Even When Fully Vaccinated

Reasons You Still Need to Get Tested for Covid-19, Even When Fully Vaccinated!

In the first couple of weeks of 2022, the number of Covid-19 infections in Bali has remained good. Omicron spread rapidly in other countries. This causes the number of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta increased. On the other hand, the municipality of Denpasar still showed a low number of Covid-19 cases. But still, you have to be careful and get tested for Covid-19. It’s done to find out whether you are infected or not.

Regardless of how things have been looking up on the island, the spokesman of the Covid-19 Task Force for Denpasar reminded the people in Bali. He said that this improved situation is not a reason to slack off. Also he said that people need to implement the health protocols all times.

Speaking of slacking off, there are misconceptions amid this time in Bali. One of them is because you already got the Covid-19 vaccine, you no longer need another test to detect the virus infection. Even after possible exposure to the virus or when experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

In this article, we would like to share the main reasons why you still need to get tested for Covid-19, even when you are vaccinated. As we all need to play our part to keep things improving during this challenging time, please keep in mind that:

You still need to get tested for Covid-19, because you CAN still get infected!

You might be very familiar with the high efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine that you have taken. That’s great! However, the Covid-19 vaccine provides you with a degree of protection from getting infected and prevents severe symptoms, hospitalization, or death. But you can still contract the virus and get sick with Covid-19, even when you’ve got the Covid-19 vaccine.

Your symptoms might be mild, but the point is that you would still be infected. Therefore, if you experience symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has the disease, you must get a test to find out your status. By knowing your health status, you can keep yourself and others around you safe.

You CAN pass the virus to others!

By now, you must already know that when it comes to Covid-19, it’s certainly not only about your well-being. When you’re fully vaccinated, you might not develop severe symptoms and won’t be at high risk for hospitalization if infected with Covid-19. However, you may pass the virus to an unvaccinated person who is more vulnerable to the virus.

Thus, you are responsible for get tested for Covid-19 and ensuring that you do not come in close contact with anyone. However, you need to keep doing it until you receive a negative test result.

You SHOULD POSTPONE taking the booster shot if you test positive for Covid-19!

You should not be vaccinated for Covid-19 when you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, whether you have symptoms or not.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should wait to get the vaccine if the result of your Covid-19 test is positive in the past ten days. You can get vaccinated once your isolation period is over. It is ten days from the start of your symptoms. It also could be ten days after your positive test result if you were asymptomatic. And taking the test is the only way to find out whether you are infected with Covid-19 or not.

So, if you didn’t know about this before you took your initial shots, you should keep this in mind for when you’re getting your booster shot.

You can get tested for Covid-19 at Prime Plus Medical Clinic in Bali

We take part in providing safe and comfortable Covid-19 test services for people around our side of South Bali. Recently we have started providing Covid-19 nasal swab tests. It comes with high accuracy and quick results at our clinic in the heart of Canggu.

We sincerely hope that you stay safe and healthy. So, either you’ve got Covid-19 vaccine or not, make sure that you get a test for Covid-19 when you should!

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