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General Travel Vaccinations

The Important Reasons Why You Must Get General Vaccinations in Bali

We all know that travellers should adapt to the environmental conditions in the area visited. Sometimes, different weather, temperature, and air conditions may harm the health condition. Therefore, you should get a general travel vaccinations before you travel.

Bali is a frequent destination for world travellers. Bali’s tropical climate sometimes affects the immunity of the traveller’s body. That’s why you should get general vaccinations to boost your immune system while travelling to Bali.

Here is some disease that haunts travellers while visiting Bali:

  • Bali Belly

Bali Belly is a popular term among travellers, this term refers to stomach diseases, such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever.

Many travellers are complaining about Bali Belly while on holiday in Bali. Usually, this disease occurs due to the condition of the body traveller can not adapt to the surrounding environment.

This disease can occur when the traveller consumes unclean food and drink water recklessly. Some travelers may be curious about the local taste of food, so they try every unique meal they encounter on the streets. Drinking local alcoholic beverages can also cause them attacked by Bali Belly.

To prevent Bali Belly, travellers need some vaccinations. General travel vaccinations help you improve your body’s immunity during travel.

  • Measles

Measles is a disease caused by viruses. This disease can be transmitted rapidly by air, cough, or sneezing. The symptoms seen in measles are rash, watery eyes, runny nose, high fever, and cough.

Measles can be very severe if attacking infants and children. Children and infants have a weaker immune system than adults, which is why you should give vaccination before inviting them to travel to Bali.

  • Rabies

Rabies is considered an endemic disease in Bali. The spread of rabies could occur as many wild animals scattered in the streets. Stray dogs are the main cause of rabies in Bali.

Dogs are supposed to be best human companions, but, many dog owners are lacking in caring for their pets, and letting their dogs run around the streets. Rabies-infected dogs often bite humans; it is strongly advised not to interact with stray dogs in Bali.

Dogs is not the only animal that brings rabies in Bali; many cases of disease caused by monkeys. There are monkey forest tourist destinations in Bali.

Many tourists are bitten by monkeys in Bali, especially in Ubud Monkey Forest. The term monkey bite in Bali is famous among travellers.

Rabies infected is fatal, but the disease can be prevented by proper medical treatment. You can get a rabies vaccine at nearby clinics that provide general travel vaccinations.

What Can Travelers Do Prevent These Disease?

A powerful way of preventing the transmission of disease in Bali:

  1. Wash your hands often

Use soap and water to wash your hands, if necessary, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60 per cent alcohol.

  1. Avoid contact with sick people

Try to avoid close contacts, such as hugging, kissing, sharing cutlery with sick people.

  1. Stay away from stray dogs in Bali

Dogs are not as cute as you can imagine, many wild dogs in Bali are probably carrying dangerous diseases such as rabies.

  1. Avoid interaction with monkeys in the Monkey Forest

Like dogs, monkeys may also carry infectious and dangerous rabies viruses.

  1. Eat clean food and drinks

Don’t eat carelessly while in Bali. Some of the foods you meet on the street are usually unhygienic.

  1. Get general vaccinations at the travel clinic

Find information on general travel vaccinations at the clinics that provide treatment for travellers.


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