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Get a Champion Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Some people got unfortunate and insecure about their dental health more than ever. This often happens to people with their teeth crooked, discolored, misshaped, misaligned, or have a visible gap in between.  Several others, on the other hand, wish to boost their confidence. Nowadays, you might get a smile makeover by scheduling a treatment with your dentist for cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix your biggest concern regarding your teeth.

Traditional dentistry focuses on diagnosing and treating oral disorders, as well as maintaining oral hygiene and performing restorative procedures. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, not only provides restorative advantages but also proposes strategies to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

What forms of cosmetic dentistry are there?

Cosmetic dentistry is a means to improve one’s appearance. Different requirements necessitate different solutions. Here are the most common methods popular in practice:

Teeth Whitening

When you have stained teeth, bleaching can be very effective. Several approaches are often used to carry out this process. You can whiten your natural teeth at a dentist’s office. You may also purchase whitening agents to use at home. Another choice is to make a teeth mold and have it bleached by a dentist.

Dental Veneer

A veneer is a thin porcelain or resin coating that is fused to your teeth. It gives you a more symmetrical smile by displaying even teeth. Your dentist can create a personalized front-surface shell centered on the shape of your teeth and, if necessary, remove some of your teeth to facilitate proper positioning and balance. The six to eight top front teeth are the most common request.

Dental Bonding

It involves the application of resin or a durable plastic material embedded on your tooth to repair when it is decayed or cracked. During the process, the dentist will also make use of laser or ultraviolet to harden the bonding agent. S/he will polish and shape the material to match your tooth structure.

Dental Crown

Crown is very effective to hold your worn tooth above the gum line from cracking. It supports a cap to hold together the severe tooth. It restores its original shape and makes the appearance even better. The material equipped can be from porcelain-metal fusion, resin, metal, or ceramic.

Dental Filling

Usually, in the handling of cavities, the decayed portion of your tooth will be eliminated and this will cause a missing piece of the tooth structure. To prevent your tooth from possible damages and restore the structure, the dentist shall ‘fill’ the empty area. The fillings can be from gold, metal, resin, or porcelain.

Dental Implants

This procedure is done by implanting titanium into the bone socket as a replacement for your missing tooth root. Therefore, it will be useful for those who do not have their natural teeth left making them hard to chew food. The implant becomes the foundation of the growing tooth.

How to properly select the best clinic for cosmetic dentistry?

Technically speaking, there is no specialty for cosmetic dentistry. It is happening because of the growing demand. Therefore, you can consult your regular dentist to run the procedures. Having your usual dentist for whom you are used to having regular check-ups, would also provide you with additional benefits. Your doctor already has access to your past and recent records; she or he is also well-aware in the overall condition of your mouth and teeth.

If you are residing in Bali, you do not have to be so weary in finding the best dental clinic to proceed with cosmetic dentistry. Many of our clients have entrusted their teeth issues to our dentistry experts at Prime Plus Medical for a long time. In Prime Plus Medical, our treatments are classified here. We are always happy to provide excellent services in order to improve the satisfaction of our customers clearly evident in our clients’ beautiful smiles.

Invest in your smile

Since dental care costs are calculated per tooth, you might have to save more money. However, it is well worth the money. Furthermore, dental procedures are performed not only to enhance the appearance of teeth but also to restore their function as a chewing instrument, which is essential for a healthy digestive system and a happy life.

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