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Is It Possible to Suffer from Omicron Variant Twice?

Is It Possible to Suffer from Omicron Variant Twice?

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought misery to millions of people in the world in its early days, health facilities were indeed overwhelmed by the rapid spread but not so much of the likelihood of catching it twice. From the onset of the Omicron variant around November 2021 until today there are fewer in terms of hospitalization cases in contrast to Delta. However, a second infection is possible regardless of people’s vaccination records. What is actually happening? Prime Plus Medical Clinic in Bali elaborates on what we know so far in this post.

Omicron Variant in a Nutshell – A Variant of Concern (VOC)

There are several sublineages classified as the Omicron variant such as BA.1, BA.1.2, and BA.2. It is one of the leading variants of COVID-19 that becomes a global concern. The transmission is indeed faster than ever. However, Omicron also has the capability to sneak into the body’s defenses, unnoticed. Among those three, there is one subvariant that is often called “stealth Omicron” or BA.2 which according to WHO is highly transmissible in 2022. Its spread is faster than the previous variants. People who have been vaccinated and had suffered from Alpha and Delta variants can even experience reinfection from this sub-variant, according to BBC.

The symptoms include sore throat, moderate muscle pain, cough, appetite loss, runny nose, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Hospitalization Surge Is Avoidable Because of Vaccines and Boosters

The capability of the BA.2 sub-variant of Omicron to evade body protection is remarkable. Hartford Healthcare suggested that reinfections mostly occur in young people, those who were unvaccinated, and had a weak immune response. New cases of reinfections are swelling high but fortunately, the vaccines including the booster can work effectively in preventing any severe disease from appearing. Experiments conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that people who just received two doses of the Pfizer with a booster vaccine could give the antibodies better performances against the two subvariants, BA.1 and BA.2. Another study confirmed that a month after a booster injection can increase immunity by 40%. 

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You Are Unlikely to Catch BA.2 After the Infection from the Omicron Variant, Here Is Why

You may still get reinfection after Omicron variant, but mostly, the cases are rare. A study discovered that out of 1.8 million positive COVID-19 tests, there were merely 1,739 patients that were twice undergoing COVID-19. WHO, moreover, stated that the infection of BA.1 to our body will create stronger protection against the spike of BA.2. This is because the patients have produced antibodies for the subvariant for the next few months. However, more data are needed to strengthen the notion since Omicron is a new variant that came in late 2021.

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We Cannot Say that the Risk of BA.2 Is Mild

Therefore, you should observe the preventive measures to avoid the contagion of this sub-variant. From vaccinations, practicing physical distancing, consistent hand-washing, avoiding poor-ventilated spaces, and mask-wearing are ways to maximize your chance of catching COVID-19. Keep in mind do not let the reduced cases of Omicron fool you. Any variant of COVID-19 can worsen your underlying condition, and develop a severe disease to death. To top it all off, our journey to get rid of COVID-19 is not yet over. 

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