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Bali Is Open, Prepare Yourself from Bali Belly

Bali is officially open for domestic flight into Bali. It is supported by the circular letter task force in handling COVID-19 Number 9, Year 2020 with the circular letter local Government Bali Province Number. 305/GUGASCOVID-19/VI/2020. The local government give special requirements for the foreigners and travelers who have a willing to visit Bali soon.

In this pandemic situation, for the travelers who have a plan to visit Bali must be prepared yourself with Bali Belly. Besides you should prepared yourself with the COVID-19 requirements to be allowed enter the airport, you also need to make sure that your body in a hundred percent fit and have a maximal health condition. It is because during the holiday you will spend much energy to visit one place to the other places. If you have an upset stomach during your trip, it will feel really annoying right? Therefore, here we will give you some information to be prepared from Bali Belly symptoms.

Get to Know Bali Belly symptom

Bali belly or traveler’s diarrhea can often be picked up in the first week of travel. Your body is exposed to new and unfamiliar bacteria and viruses. After contamination, it can take between two to five hours for symptoms to appear. Your first symptom might be a sudden onset of rumbling stomach, bloating or nausea. There are several other common symptoms that indicated you have Bali Belly:

  1. Loose or watery stools (diarrhea)
  2. Urgency/frequency in going to the toilet
  3. Abdominal cramping, bloating and pain
  4. Mild temperature
  5. General malaise (weakness or discomfort)
  6. Loss of appetite

Preventive measures to against Bali Belly

You will need to do as much as possible to prevent getting Bali belly.

  1. Only drink bottled or filtered water. You should also brush your teeth with bottled water, don’t ever try getting the water into your mouth in the shower. Even if the locals drink the water, your digestive system is not used to the new bacteria.
  2. Ask for drinks without ice. It is because ice in Bali is often made with tap water.
  3. Make sure your tea, coffee, or juices are made with boiled water or filtered water.
  4. Many street vendors will serve up the food and drinks on freshly washed plates and cups. Make sure they are completely dry before using them.
  5. Be cautious about where you get your fruit and vegetables from. Make sure to wash them with boiled water or simply use bottled water.
  6. Remember to always washing your hands and using a hand sanitizer.
  7. Peeled and pre-cut fruits might look tempting but they can also make you sick. Buy whole fruits and cut them by yourself to keep it hygienic.
  8. Avoid eating raw, rare or uncooked meat, make sure they are cooked well.
  9. Do not eat food at room temperature, food that has been sitting in the sun or food from buffets.
  10. Avoid unpasteurized dairy products, shaved ice or mobile soft-serve vendors.
  11. .Eat at the restaurants with a high turnover. This means the food will be fresh and not precooked.

Things should be avoid if you have Bali Belly:

If you feel one of the Bali Belly symptoms, below are the things that you should be avoid to not make your condition getting worst.

  1. greasy fried foods
  2. soft drinks
  3. alcohol
  4. coffee
  5. all dairy foods (except plain natural yogurt)
  6. spicy foods
  7. excessive smoking
  8. very hot or very cold food or drinks

Self-treatment from Bali Belly

If you are reading this section, we hope you in very well condition and have not been struck down with Bali Bally! But if you have it, let us suggest some ways to help you with first aid to get rid of this dreaded situation. Here are some general tips to help you from Bali belly:

  1. Drink plenty of bottled water to help reduce your risk of dehydration.
  2. To replace lost salts and minerals from your body, drink oral rehydration drinks.
  3. Take antibiotics to help kill a bacterial infection if instructed to do so by your treating doctor.
  4. Limit consumption of dairy foods as this can worsen diarrhea.
  5. Avoid alcohol and spicy foods.

However instead of some tips above, as always we suggest you to keep consult a medical professional for specific advice about how to treat your diagnosis.

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