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About Passive Smoking – Why Is It Toxic for Your Body

The smoke contained in a lit cigarette can amount to 7.000 toxic chemical substances, making passive smoking one of the leading causes of 1 million death, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Learn more about passive smoking, how toxic it is for your body, and what diseases can be triggered by it with Prime Plus Medical Clinic in Bali, in the following.

One thing that many people still ignore about passive smoking: Day-by-day exposure to cigarette smoke can cause damages to body tissues and cells.

People think they are safe when they don’t smoke. That pulmonary illnesses from tobacco smoke can only befall those who consume it. But proof says it is wrong to assume so. When people are in secondhand breathing in tobacco smoke, there are two activities that occur. The first one is when passive smokers draw in the smoke that an active smoker blows and the other one is the sidestream smoke the passive smokers inhale that derives from the burning end of a lit cigarette.

The fact is the toxic chemical substances in the cigarette smoke persist in your indoor room or enclosed space for hours. Ventilation will not do so much to mitigate the smoke. Therefore, make sure to smoke outdoor in the open. If you are with children, provide smoke-free, safe environment for them.

The health impacts of passive smoking

Harmful health impacts of passive smoking are categorized into three major categories. The impacts depend on the age and the condition of the passive smokers.

on adults

It elevates the risk of an adult catching lung cancer by 20-30%. Passive smoking adults can encounter other serious illnesses including atherosclerosis, stroke, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease. Given the situation today, a passive smoker will be very likely to contract serious impacts from the coronavirus as well.

on pregnant women

Women carrying their babies in their wombs and breathing in tobacco smoke, the fetuses absorb chemical agents such as nicotine and carbon monoxide that are transferred to the bloodstream.

Adverse complications to miscarriage can occur to women in pregnancy. Tobacco exposure can lead these mothers to deliver prematurely. This condition is extremely dangerous since the baby is born with a lower-than-normal weight.

The risk of complication is higher for women and fetuses exposed to tobacco smoke on a daily basis.

Passive smoking on children

Babies and children are prone to the detrimental impacts of second-hand smoke. Newborn babies who live with active smokers for their first 18 months, according to betterhealth.vic.gov.au might develop an array of lung illnesses and other illnesses such as:

  • Asthma
  • Middle ear infections
  • Lung illnesses such including bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia
  • Meningococcal disease,
  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Allergies

Passive smoking in children is way more fatal as it will hinder their growth and development. They also find it hard to study that will degrade their intelligence level. What active smokers don’t realize when they smoke before their kids are they provide bad examples to them. Kids with smoking parents are most likely to imitate what their parents are doing.

Weigh on stopping this unhealthy habit to set a good example for your kids and prevent them from following yours and becoming active smokers at a very young age.

Provide smoking free environment for you and your loved ones

Smoking rooms availability do not guarantee passive smokers are not liable to the toxic substances of the lit tobacco if they still linger around the areas. To not be the subject of passive smokers, follow several tips below.

  • Politely remind active smokers that it is not possible for them to smoke around the areas and back your reminder up with a clear reason.
  • If you happen to hang out with a group of active smokers, consider double masking. However, it is always best to keep yourself away for a social event that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Advise active smokers from your family members to be mindful about passive smoking dangers. And if they need to their business, it is better for them to do it outdoor and away from home distance.
  • Before the coronavirus hits the planet, people went out with a mask on to avoid air pollution. Regardless of COVID-19, this practice should be maintained for the sake of your lung.

The sad truth is numerous active smokers out there are well aware of the dangerous smoke coming from their cigarettes but they decided to give up on their health and presumably could not care less about others’. Therefore, as ones who realize the importance of not messing about your lung, it is pointless to be all upset over a situation that you could not get your hands in. As soon as you see a group of smokers, just give in and leave for fresh air so you won’t have to deal with their anger.

Finding an Emergency Clinic in Canggu

Also, if you start to feel you are getting illnesses from the impacts of passive smoking, consult your nearby doctor immediately to receive proper medical treatment. Keep in mind that Prime Plus Medical in Bali opens 24/7 and we are always happy to assist you at any time you need us. Ring us up at +6281237387131.



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