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Can IV Vitamin C Prevent and Treat COVID-19?

World scientists are now racing to find effective treatments for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Several existing antivirals such as antimalarials, monoclonal antibodies and other drugs tested for their efficacy to cure COVID-19 patients.

Scientists in China have even added vitamin C to their list of potential therapies. Zhi-Yong Peng from the Critical Care Medicine Department at Zhingnan Hospital, Wuhan University recently registered a phase 2 clinical trial at ClinicalTrials.gov. Zhi-Yong tested the ability of vitamin C infused therapy for the treatment of acute respiratory infections associated with Coronavirus.

The study noted that vitamin C injected in a patient’s body can help prevent damage to cytokines in the lungs. Cytokines are small proteins that trigger inflammation and respond to infections.

We all know that lung inflammation with COVID-19 can cause acute respiratory distress to death. This clinical trial suggests that vitamin C reduces the inflammatory response and shortens the duration of the common cold. Lack of vitamin C can increase the risk, and the level of influenza infection is more severe.

But not all experts agree with this research. Carol DerSarkissian MD reviewed on MedicineNet that a person’s immune system does need vitamin C. Still.  Excessive doses will not help patients avoid colds. Vitamin c might make it disappear faster if it is used before the patient is sick.

Vitamin C To Reduce The Symptoms

Until this day, there is no effective antiviral drug to cure COVID-19. Treatment of infected patients consists of supportive therapy to manage the symptoms until the patient is cured.

The YouTube video series released by Richard Cheng MD, PhD, from the Orthomolecular medical news service, states that there are three clinical trials in China to study the effects of vitamin C doses with IV vitamin therapy. Cheng mentioned that the Shanghai Medical Association supports the use of high doses of vitamin C with IV therapy for the treatment of COVID-19.

Dr Cheng stated that the trial of high-dose vitamin c IV in China showed promising results. Giving IV vitamin C therapy as much as 24 grams per day for COVID-19 patients leads to a significant reduction in inflammation.

Then, is vitamin C appropriate to be used to prevent and treat Coronavirus?

Hopefully, this study will produce an answer soon. What is clear, you must follow the guidelines of health professionals and the government for now.

You have to take the recommended precautions. Including staying safe when staying at home, avoiding crowds of people, washing your hands more often, and seeking medical help if you experience more severe illness. Like coughing, runny nose, fever, and shortness of breath.

In addition to vitamin C, many supplements can enhance your immunity, as follows:

Supplement That Enhance Yout Immunity


Astragalus is a herb commonly used for traditional Chinese medicine. Animal studies have shown that Astragalus extract can improve immune-related responses.


Selenium is an essential mineral for health and immunity. Selenium supplements can increase antiviral defences against types of influenza, including H1N1.


Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Garlic is proven to be able to stimulate protective white blood cells such as NK and Macrophages.


This andrographolide herb has a terpenoid compound which has an antiviral effect. Natural content can treat viral infections that cause respiratory illnesses. like enterovirus and influenza.


Licorice contains several active substances, including glycyrrhizin which can protect the body from viral infections. Numerous studies show that glycyrrhizin has antiviral activity against viruses that cause the acute respiratory syndrome. That is why this substance needs to be tried to cure COVID-19 infection.

Pelargonium sidoides

Some research shows the use of this plant extract to reduce symptoms of acute respiratory infections in humans. Some diseases are even quickly cured with this plant, including bronchitis and colds.

Vitamin B Complex

We all know that B vitamins can boost our immune system. B vitamins, including B12 and B6, are essential for creating a strong immune response. Adults who lack vitamin B complex will get sick quickly due to weak immunity.


Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This substance is found as the main compound in turmeric plants. Numerous studies show this substance helps improve immune function.


This type of plant of the genus Daisy family is widely used as medicine. Certain species have been shown to improve health and immunity. Extracts from this plant have antiviral effects on several respiratory viruses, including syncytial virus and rhinovirus.


Propolis is a natural ingredient found in honeycomb hives. This resin-like material becomes a sealant in the honeycomb.

Since long time ago, propolis has been used as a medicine to regenerate body cells. The natural substance of propolis affects to increase the body’s immunity and cure various viral, bacterial and parasitic infections in the body.

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