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Foods to whiten teeth naturally - foods to avoid when whitening teeth - how to whiten teeth naturally fast - Tips by Prime Plus Medical Bali

5 Foods to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Cosmetic dentistry such as bleaching and teeth whitening products can cost you an arm and a leg. Fixing stained teeth in the most natural way can come from certain food consumption. It is more affordable and easy to find as well.  Staining teeth is a normal condition that occurs when your outer teeth layer goes through discoloration.

Know first what foods to avoid when you’re about to whiten teeth

Recognizing foods to abstain from can help to quicken the teeth whitening process. These foods and beverages are known to contain discoloration agents that cause tooth staining and damaging the teeth enamel in the long run. Keep yourself off from consuming them is not only suggested after teeth whitening treatment. Your effort to naturally whitening your teeth will also go to waste if you are not restraining what to chew over time.  Set limitations to foods with dark pigments, acidity, and high in sugar, tannins, and artificial dyes to whiten your teeth. These include wine, dark-colored fruits and berries, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, candy, dark chocolate, and dark-colored sauces.

People find a hard time avoiding these foods because they are what are always available in their home pantry and their absolute favorites. Needless to worry, the key takeaway is you can still enjoy them by using a straw. The point is not letting them facing your teeth head-on.

Teeth whitening foods to eat

The substances contained in these foods can help to lighten up your teeth. Let’s debunk the secret way to whiten your teeth naturally in the following.

High in fiber fruits and veggies

People on the special diet will usually opt for fruits and veggies rich in nutrients and fiber. Fiber takes a longer time to swallow. As a result, you can easily feel full. The chewing activity is also beneficial for healthy teeth and gum tissue. According to the USDA, per 100 grams of cauliflower, for instance, you consume around 2 grams of fiber. In another instance, an apple contains about 2.4 grams of fiber out of 100g total weight.

Fruits with malic acid content

Malic acid is a natural property that can be found in numerous fruits particularly strawberries and watermelon. It is the kind of acid that appears in bleaching agents that lighten discolored teeth as well. What it does is promoting the production of saliva to protect tooth cavities as the main cause of teeth discoloration. Saliva has a significant role to reduce the possibility of built-up food in your teeth.

Fruits with a proteolytic enzyme

The pellicle layer is responsible for your rapid absorption of teeth-staining properties from foods and beverages. It is also the hub for bacteria that cause tooth discoloration to commonly develop. Fruits and veggies with proteolytic enzymes such as pineapple and papaya can dissolve proteins in your pellicle thus keeping your teeth away from plaque.

Foods and beverages with lactic acid and casein to whiten teeth

Does milk whiten teeth? Yes, the teeth whitening properties of lactic acid and casein can be obtained from milk. It is also easy to retrieve lactic acid and casein in dairy foods like cheese and yogurt. Lactic acid has a significant function in boosting saliva production and hindering cumulative plaque. On the other hand, casein is a kind of protein that improves the natural color of your enamel preventing tannings from tea to tainting your teeth. Natural foods, milk included, take more time to whiten the teeth because there are several other factors associated with your teeth’ original color, how you treat your teeth, and what you have for meals daily.

How can I whiten my teeth naturally fast?

Natural ways to maintain your teeth health also mean observing the routines of teeth brushing and flossing, drinking the proper amount of water, and performing check-up at the dentist every 6 months or as suggested by your dental professional. Other methods that you can give a try is the application of baking soda plus water or hydrogen peroxide as opposed to your usual toothpaste and flossing by a solution with the combination of hydrogen peroxide and water.

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